Horizons Lives! Four References You Can Annoy Your Family With

Isn’t Horizons the best Disney attraction ever conceived? I mean Walt Disney himself built the entire thing by hand and wrote the entire script and made all the music and trained himself on set lighting to make sure the attraction was absolutely up to his extreme standards set for EPCOT Center. Wait.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic here because I never rode Horizons. Never did, never will, and nor is it something I care about. Mostly. I think? Regardless it needs to be acknowledged as a piece of Disney history and not just as a fanboy fetish. Fortunately there’s a few references to the past attraction at the Mission: SPACE pavilion which took over the land. And before anyone says anything, yes I’m sure there’s more than four references to the past hiding around, I’m just putting four out there that some may or may not have seen.

Gravity Is Fine

Let’s start with the one everybody loves right in the main queue.

In the middle of the gravity wheel is the old pavilion logo for Horizons.

Unfortunately the wheel doesn’t spin anymore but that doesn’t stop the logo from being cool. You can see it from Green or Orange side queues.

I Need Some Space… Stations

Taking a direct hit from Horizons, this next reference is right before you enter the queue for Mission: SPACE.

Take a look to the lower left corner and you might notice something familiar. If you’re familiar with Horizons, that is.


That’s the Brava Centauri space station from Horizons, just floating out there in space. Really cool, right?


Here’s an official image from Disney so you can see it’s pretty identical, if not the same image just shrunk down to lose a lot of quality.

Cashing Out

As you depart Mission: SPACE, and in true Disney theme park fashion, you exit through a gift shop. Stop for a second and take a look at the register.

It’s a nice, abstract design on the bottom highlighted with metal. Because space is metallic and blue, right?

Taking a closer look, at ground level, you can see the middle of these designs comes together to form the old Horizons pavilion logo.

Yes, okay, it’s not *exact* and it’s a little dirty from years of wear and tear, but the point still stands. I think most people don’t see this one because there’s typically someone buying something and blocking the view. Go figure.

In Space No One Can Hear You Plant

This is my favorite reference to Horizons, hands-down. The planter in front of Mission: SPACE looks pretty boring most days. Just some brown cement and flowers planted inside.

Casual park guests will notice that the planter isn’t an exact square, or circle, or really any particular shape. It’s a truly unique shape, but what shape exactly?

Well taking a look at Google Earth, or if you’re 20 feet tall, you can see that the flower bed looks like something oddly familiar..

That’s right! It’s shaped like the old Horizons building, facing the other way of course.

And I guess it’s not a 100% accurate shape, but it’s still a really cool reference back to the old pavilion.

I’m confident there’s other Horizons references in the Mission: SPACE pavilion, unfortunately I’m at a loss to find more without actually riding the attraction. That should be corrected soon, but if you have any hidden references that I missed feel free to pass the information along! I would love to update this post in the future with more information of the “hidden past” of the Horizons attraction at Epcot.

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